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Support freedom, solidarity and justice, support the socially responsible development of our country.  For over 130 years, the Czech Social Democratic Party has ascribed to the values of freedom, justice, and solidarity.  It envisions a socially just democratic society, where all citizens share in the general welfare regardless of their social origin, ethnicity or religious beliefs.  It works towards the all-around betterment of humanity and its creative potential.

It refuses the vision of an egotistical society, where only the strong have the right to happiness.  It holds the opinion that a society founded on the well being of all is morally better than a society where only the rich have a chance for happiness.  It accepts the market economy but rejects a market society founded on the subjugation of all social relations to the market logic of profits.  It ascribes to the Western European concept of the welfare state, which provides universal social security to protect citizens from adversity, illness, old age or loss of employment.

Social democratic values are particularly important today, as our society is facing unprecedented attacks on the welfare state from the Czech right-wing.  The government of Prime Minister Nečas is completely lacking any concept of economic policy, instead instituting senseless cuts.  This will take money from firefighters, police officers, and other public sector employees.  The government plans to take divert money from the social security system to private pension funds.  It is increasing VAT, and in turn the price of books, food, and medicines.  These government measures will particularly affect retirees and families with children.  Instead of solving the country’s problems, the government has its hands full with its own problems and corruption scandals.

Social democracy represents the only democratic alternative to the politics of the Nečas government.  It promotes an equitable tax system, continuity of the social security system through inter-generational solidarity, and health care for all regardless of their income.

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