Who we are

Friends of Social Democracy is a voluntary fellowship of people who are not indifferent to the state of Czech politics.  We support the social democratic party, its platform and ideas, which are founded on freedom, democracy, social justice, and respect for the environment in which we live.  We would like to see corruption, hatred, and incompetence disappear from Czech politics.  We don’t want quality education and health care to be reserved only for the chosen few.  We want the Czech Republic to prosper.  That is why we support the Czech Social Democratic Party.

What we offer

  • Opportunities to take part in ČSSD election campaigns and help organize party conferences and meetings
  • Advance information about events, lectures, and seminars organized by ČSSD and affiliated party organizations
  • Informal and non-traditional meetings with ČSSD leadership, MPs, Senators, regional representatives, and cultural and sporting celebrities who support ČSSD, both on a regional and national level.
  • Regular access to the ČSSD information service, including a newsletter for supporters
  • Space to create your own blog, along with a debate forum at
  • A bonus program to obtain additional benefits
  • Free access to ČSSD advertising and election materials
  • A chance to participate in election campaigns, meetings, and other ČSSD events

How we work

Membership in the “Friends of Social Democracy” project is free. After registering online you will receive e-mail confirmation.  To complete your registration, just click on the link in the e-mail.  The supporter newsletter will be sent to the email address of every supporter every Tuesday afternoon.  Any interested supporters may also join the “I’m helping Soc. Dem.” Program (also see the Bonus program).  Every registered volunteer will meet his or her coordinator (usually within a month of registering), who will provide more detailed information along with a gift shirt bearing the

Immediately after registering you can earn points in the bonus program and participate in all activities for volunteers (Summer gatherings, meetings with social democratic representatives, MPs, Senators, governors and other supporters, trips to Czech Parliament, Lidový dům, etc.).

You may cancel your registration in writing or online.  Registration may also be cancelled at any time by the Czech Social Democratic Party without giving reason.

Registration requirements

Supporters must

  • be over 15 years of age
  • be a European Union citizen
  • may not be a member of ČSSD or any other political party
  • agree with the ideas of social democracy

Principles of the Friends of Social Democracy

“Friends of Social Democracy” brings people together who are not indifferent to the future of our country and who do not wish to allow right-wing parties to continue in their experiments aimed against the overwhelming majority of Czech citizens.

  • “Friends of Social Democracy” supports the politics of the Czech Social Democratic Party and particularly identifies with these long-term goals of ČSSD:
  • Health care which serves all, not only those who can afford it
  • University education available to those with ability, not just the rich
  • Support of young families with children, because children bring joy, not worries
  • Responsible treatment of the environment in which we live
  • Adequate care for the elderly, disabled, and all others requiring care
  • An efficient and effective government which responsibly cares for its citizens, with a citizenry which is not indifferent to the fate of the country

“Friends of Social Democracy” thinks about its future and the future of its children and is not afraid to express its opinion.  Social democratic thought is founded in freedom, democracy, social justice, and respect for the environment in which we live.

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