The election of socialist Holland is a signal of change in Europe

The Czech social democratic party heartily welcomes the news of today’s election of a new French president, socialist Francois Holland. After a long 17 years of alternating right-wing presidents, this marks an important change for both France and Europe as a whole.

The success of the socialists in the presidential election in one of the most important European countries also gives strong encouragement to social democrats throughout the EU, including ČSSD, which is intensively preparing for the October regional and senate elections.


“The victory of Francoise Holland is important for the European left.  Following the success of social democrats in Denmark and Slovakia it is a key signal of a shift giving hope to all who want a more just and socially acceptable response to the debt crisis.  Holland must now fight hard for pro-growth measures against all those in the EU who have defended radical across-the-board cuts, stifling demand and sending Europe into economic stagnation.  In this fight he will also have the support of Czech social democrats,” said ČSSD Chairman Bohuslav Sobotka.

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