ČSSD respects the decision of J. Švejnar not to take part in further discussions within the social democratic party, however, the internal party selection of a presidential candidate will continue.

ČSSD bears in mind and respects the decision of Jan Švejnar not to take part in further Discussion Arenas, in which ČSSD leads a debate with the public regarding the formulation of its new platform and possible candidates for the office of President of the Czech Republic. It is a surprising decision for ČSSD, since Jan Švejnar originally confirmed his participation in the Discussion Arenas.

It is clear Jan Švejnar, who was supported by ČSSD during the last parliamentary elections for President of the Republic, has not yet definitely decided whether to actually participate in the presidential elections in the spring of 2013.  Thus, it is not possible as originally presumed to include him in the decision process through which ČSSD will select a candidate for the highest constitutional office which it may recommend to its supporters and members.


As the strongest left-wing and opposition party, ČSSD feels responsible for the course of the direct elections of the President of the Czech Republic and will therefore continue in its internal party selection of a presidential candidate.  It is important for social democracy during the election of the next president for citizens to support a candidate who shares the social democratic values which are not only supported by ČSSD but also a large portion of the Czech public.


We will continue with our original plan of Discussion Arenas in individual regions.  The candidate nominated for the internal party debate by the Political Committee and Presidium of ČSSD remains ČSSD Vice-Chairman Jiří Dienstbier.


The decision of which candidate ČSSD will support will be made following the intra-party debate by the Central Executive Committee in May or possible June of this year. 


Bohuslav Sobotka, ČSSD Chairman

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